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LIFE On Purpose LLC. is a counseling and LIFE Coaching agency. Please scroll through our site for more information on the services we provide. Our staff are fully trained and ready to set up an assessment with you today. For more information please use the CONTACT US form on this site .

We currently provide virtual services only 


Coming up September 17th at 12pm is part 3 of our 4 part series on 8 Dimensions of Wellness. Join us and financial advisor, Vachelle Fleming for a power packed 2 hour interactive session on financial and occupational wellness. This is your opportunity to gain financial insight that will help to discipline and manage finances as well as find ways for long term growth.


On October 22nd we will be wrapping up our Wellness series and diving deeper into Spiritual and Emotional Wellness. Make sure you sign up when you register for this event as well. These two hours will provide insight into ways to improve our spiritual wellness. Marsha Thompson will be sharing supernatural ways to get your Spiritual self at peace and find greater understanding of God and self. We look forward to having you with us!

What We Offer

Individual Counseling

Family Counseling

Group Counseling

Individual Coaching

Family Coaching


Community Resource Support 


Service Recommendations

Clinical Supervision 



Christian Counseling & Coaching

Pre-Marital Counseling

Marital Counseling 

Our support is offered in an array of areas to include but not limited to emotional support, depression, trauma, family conflict, couples support, anger management and more. 

These services are offered at a fee for service. We offer a fee waiver program for those that qualify. We also offer a free consultation. 


On Saturday April 9, 2022 we held our first virtual workshop: LIFE ON PURPOSE. We had 14 participants to engage and share with us about their life and their purpose. The interaction was phenomenal and we are looking forward to many more virtual events with our community! Stay tuned. 

On Saturday May 14, 2022 we held our monthly virtual workshop. A lot of us have experienced physical, spiritual, emotional, and mental instability. We deal with uneasiness and uncertainties of the World. Our desire is to cope, find balance, achieve our goals, and enhance our overall well-being. This workshop explored and discuss how to navigate change and find stability.

In July we kicked off our Wellness series with a workshop on Social and Mental Wellness. DeMarcus A. Preyer provided a wealth of information related to health and wellness. You can review the workshop by clicking on this Youtube link: https://youtu.be/p2Nxdp-Wahw

On August 27th Certified Holistic Fitness Specialist, Coach LJ joined us to share her expertise and insight on physical wellness. Coach LJ is an advocate for healthy living and eating. Her company Living Daily Fitness offers coaching classes, personal training, Herblicals skin care, and more! You can find out more about Coach LJ and Living Daily Fitness at livingdailyfitness.com


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