Greetings! I am an experience Licensed Professional counselor who have been providing counseling services for over 10 years. My background includes providing trauma recovery support and treatment. I use an array of modalities and evidence based treatment methods along with treatment goals and weekly goals for my clients. I look forward to helping my clients address their areas of concern, overcome them, and seek alternative and beneficial methods to improve overall health and wellness. I like to give homework as well in order for my clients to fully see the process all the way through.

I enjoy the transformation period for my clients. I am patient, very understanding, and great listener. My expertise helps to provide supportive feedback and structure toward meeting the treatment goals set. I am a huge advocate for self-care and will likely implement it into our sessions. I am also flexible and able to accommodate most schedules for appointments.

I look forward to meeting with you soon!


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"Leave your past in the dust, let it be the footprints to your future"

Wholeness Coaching 

Clients connect with Christian LIFE coaches for spiritual, personal, and professional development.

How you ask? As a LIFE Coach, I bring a wealth of real-world experience and knowledge, and, yes, I have the credentials to prove it. I am a certified Christian LIFE Coach certified through Fast Coach Training which is accredited through the International Coaching Federation.

Usually my clients have specific goals/dreams/visions which they desire to discern more clearly and then act upon. I use my ability to hear beyond your words through your own reflections, pace, energy, and even silence.

With my coaching you can learn what to do in resistance to change, and how to get ‘unstuck’. The results being dramatic personal growth and lasting change.

Whatever the LIFE issues are, ALL coaching clients desire a richer, more fulfilling, more God-honoring growth in their lives.

With all that said, if you're interested in having that somebody that can walk alongside you in your growth - be it family, business, relationships, spiritual, etc. - the first step is to contact me.


Email: [email protected]

"Let's get this thing called LIFE together...together!"